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More Info On Home & Appliaces Shipping Rates

More Info On Home & Improvement Shipping Rates! Here Are Some Additional Information On Shipping Rates That Will Be Calculated On These Selective Products In Our Home & Improvement Collections: 1. The Rates Are Calculated Based On These Factors Height, Length, Dimension,Weight, Width, Country Location. 2. All The Products In This Collections Comes From Our China Warehouse. 3. All Of The Items Are Double Checked To Ensure It's In Brand New Conditions Before It Ships Out To The Customer. 4. These Products Will Be Handle With Care To Ensure Your Packages Arrived Safely From Our Warehouse. 5. Please Note That Shipments In These Collections Are Coming From DHL, Canada Post, Royal Mail Etc. 6. All Products In This Collections Shall Be Process In 3 Business Days Before Shipped Out & Delivered. 7. Please Note Products Here Don't Come In E Packet Shipping Comes In Original Packages. 8. Shipping Prices Might Be A Little Bit Higher Than E Packet Rates. 9. Shipping Delivery Varies In These Collections They Are As Follows: 10. Please Note That Covid-19 Is In Effect and Therefore Shipping Might Be Longer Than Usual. 11. We Now Accept Lay- By Payment Plans For Our Furniture & High End Appliances Deals. 11. We Understand That Around The World The Covid-19 Virus Has Changed The Global Econcomy. 12. This Is Why We Decided Come Up With A Solution To A Payment Plan For Our Customers In The USA. 13. When Selecting The Lay-By Payment You Will Be Bounded By These Terms & Conditions! 14. Down Payment Will Be 25% Upfront & We Can Give Our Customers 1 Month To Complete Payment Balance Of The Other Remaining Balances. 15. So Lets Say That You Want To Select A 7 Piece Dining Set Table & Chair Cost $1,000 25% = to $250 Weekly Installment. $250 by 4 Weekly Installment = $1,000. 16. After Order Is Placed, Customers Can Payout A Layaway Order At Any Given Time And Take An Early Delivery. 17. All lay-By Payments Will Be Automatic Through Paypal. 18. We Also Charge Customers An Admin Fee Amount Depending On The Order Valvue At Checkout Based. 19. Please Note That That Your Delivery Will Be Delivered Once All Payments Are Completed. 20. We Can Only Cancel Item If It Is Sold Out & No Longer Available! 21. Also If Product Is Sold Out That You Paid For Your Money Will Be Refunded Back To You! 22. Ensure That Your Correct Name, Shipping Details, Contact Information Are Accurately Correct Along With Payment Details For Records. 23. We Will Not Be Held Responsiable For Any In Accuracte Information You Put On Our End! 24. Please Note That When Choosing This Plan Option You Will Also Be Required To Submit A Copy Of A Valid ID/. 25. This Is Required Form By Lay-By Payment Option & We Are Bound To Comply To The Policies & Our Customers Will Also Needs to Comply With These Policies. 26. No Under 18 Are Permitted To Purchase From Us Using This Option Unless Approved By A Legal Parent / Guardian. 27. Please Note That We Have Zero Tolerance For Fraudulent Purchases From Our Site. Anyone That Decides To Creates Fake Purchases With Us Will Held Accountable. 28. Our Products Sells Out Very Quickly So We Can Only Offer You 1 Month To Complete Your Full Payment. 29. Lay-By Payments Will Be Seperately From Regular Orders. Please Note That Ensure Your Credit Card Have Funds To Make The Installment Payments. 31. Once You Placed Your Purchase Using This Option Lay-By Powered By PayPal Will Charge You According To The Lay Away Plan. 32. If You Have Limited Funds In Your Account PayPal Will Retry Again In 5 Days Try At lease 2 More Times. If They Same Thing Denies The limited Funds PayPal Will Automatically Cancel Your Lay-By Options. 33. If You Decide To Change Your Mind On The Lay-By Option Kindly Submit A Valid Reasons To Cancel. Example If Product Did Not Arrived Or If Product Were Not As Described. Please Note There Will Be A Cancelling Fee Attached Of $50. 34. We Will Not Cancel Order If You Do Not Have A Valid Reasons As Mentioned Above & All Transactions Are Final In This Option. Countries Delivery Time United States 6 - 9 Business days Canada 5 - 9 Business days Mexico 5 - 10 Business days Australia 5 - 8 Business days United Kingdom 4 - 7 Business days Germany 6 - 9 Business days France 4 - 8 Business days Italy 6 - 9 Business days Spain 7 - 12 Business days Russia 8 - 15 Business days Ireland 4 - 6 Business days Switzerland 6 - 10 Business days Czech Republic 7 - 12 Business days Denmark 7 - 12 Business days Estonia 7 - 12 Business days Latvia 7 - 12 Business days Lithuania 7 - 12 Business days Luxembourg 7 - 12 Business days Netherlands 7 - 12 Business days Poland 7 - 12 Business days Portugal 7 - 12 Business days Romalia 7 - 12 Business days Sweden 7 - 12 Business days Poland 7 - 12 Business days Singapore 3 - 7 Business days Philippines 3 - 7 Business days Thailand 3 - 7 Business days Vietnam 3 - 7 Business days Malaysia 3 - 7 Business days Japan 2 - 5 Business days Korea 2 - 5 Business days Taiwan 2 - 5 Business days United Arab Emirates 4 - 8 Business days Saudi 4 - 8 Business days Brazil 14- 20 Business days Others 15 - 20 Business days Others 15 - 20 Business days 


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Order Delivery time: All orders are shipped PRIORITY/FIRST CLASS & Delivered 5-10 business days from the day you place the order. Also some items ships from China it may takes up to 5 to 20 business days for standard shipping. Express shipping from China takes 10 to 15 days. Also some items takes 2 to 3 business days delivery. We have multiple warehouses where products ships from. Please also note that depends on the warehouse items are being shipped from it maybe take up to 5 to 20 business days by default. We have no control over this for express shipping standard between 5 to to 10 business days. This is because of the items shipping from China and our warehouse choose the best shipping method standards automatically. Please also note that in some causes customers may need to provide form of ID Card photo & their last four digits for their credit card registered in their name. This is because we want our website to be Fraud Free Zone and not causing unnecessarily charg

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