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Shipping Info

Order Delivery time: All orders are shipped PRIORITY/FIRST CLASS & Delivered 5-10 business days from the day you place the order. Also some items ships from China it may takes up to 5 to 20 business days for standard shipping. Express shipping from China takes 10 to 15 days. Also some items takes 2 to 3 business days delivery. We have multiple warehouses where products ships from. Please also note that depends on the warehouse items are being shipped from it maybe take up to 5 to 20 business days by default. We have no control over this for express shipping standard between 5 to to 10 business days. This is because of the items shipping from China and our warehouse choose the best shipping method standards automatically. Please also note that in some causes customers may need to provide form of ID Card photo & their last four digits for their credit card registered in their name. This is because we want our website to be Fraud Free Zone and not causing unnecessarily charge back orders. Please note that not all orders would need to be verified with form of ID. When orders are shown Middle Risk, High Risk we will ask customers to provide their ID verification. We will give customers 24 to 48 hours to provide their information. Failure to comply we will not process the order and we will cancel and refund back your money to your account. Also for items that Only Ships to the USA customers from Internationally Countries can purchase them using a Freight Carrier that have a USA Address and we will Shipped it to that Address and your Carrier will Forward it to your Country. Please note that when your freight send the items to your Country you will be responsible for paying your local charges in your Country. We will also ask our customers to provide their ID verification for this purpose used. We Now Offer Worldwide Shipping To All Countries. SHIPPING FEE Will Be Calculated At Checkout Using Logistics Rates Weight + Height + Width Up To 0lbs To Unlimited We will email you tracking info as soon as the order is shipped. Also we now offer International Shipping. We Ship to All North America, European, Asia, Australia Countries. Please note that some Products Only Shipped to the USA and some qualify for International Shipping. Please check the products in the descriptions to see which is qualify and which is not qualified for International Shipping. Please also note that we can ship to all other countries like Middle East, South African countries as well. However, please note that shipping those countries shipping takes up 5 to 25 business days.


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More Info On Home & Appliaces Shipping Rates

More Info On Home & Improvement Shipping Rates! Here Are Some Additional Information On Shipping Rates That Will Be Calculated On These Selective Products In Our Home & Improvement Collections: 1. The Rates Are Calculated Based On These Factors Height, Length, Dimension,Weight, Width, Country Location. 2. All The Products In This Collections Comes From Our China Warehouse. 3. All Of The Items Are Double Checked To Ensure It's In Brand New Conditions Before It Ships Out To The Customer. 4. These Products Will Be Handle With Care To Ensure Your Packages Arrived Safely From Our Warehouse. 5. Please Note That Shipments In These Collections Are Coming From DHL, Canada Post, Royal Mail Etc. 6. All Products In This Collections Shall Be Process In 3 Business Days Before Shipped Out & Delivered. 7. Please Note Products Here Don't Come In E Packet Shipping Comes In Original Packages. 8. Shipping Prices Might Be A Little Bit Higher Than E Packet Rates. 9. Shipping D

Return Info

FREE RETURNS We will accept all authorized returns All returns are accepted as long as the request is made to return the item within 30 days of receiving the merchandise. Once approved we will generate the FREE UPS prepaid label, we will email you with the label attached. Just print the label, attach it to any box/package and return the items. You will have 30 days to send the item back for full refund once you receive the free return label. Please Note depending on the warehouse it's coming from we not create a shipping label but, we will send you an email of instructions where to return the item. Please also note that all of our products are brand new conditions and never worn products. If you decide to return our products back you cannot wear our products it will not be accepted to be return. Also it must be in the original packaging that it came delivered to your mailbox or doorstep. Our products are thoroughly checked before we ship it out to ensure that it's in the or