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Amin Manager Email: Phone Number Ashley Vanderhyden 3342093185

Our Prefabricated Steel Houses Are Special Customized Orders Speak To Our Support Team First To Set Up Your Appointment!

Dear Customers, our Prefabricated Steel Houses are Technical Orders that needs to Handle With Care. This is because it is a Customized Orders that are very Big To Handle and it Requires Patieance. Please note our Prefabicated Houses you must Speak to Our Support Team Before Placing Any Order First! We have a Huge Varieties of Prefab Steels Houses To Choose From! All Customers will need to give us their Direct Measurements of the House Lenght, Width, Height Acoording to your Building Pass Permit. Customers will also need to provide us the information of how many Windows, Doors, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kitcken & Bathrooms they need for the Interior Designs so that we can Customized the Steels Accordinly From the Factory. Please note that based on the Information you provided will be Convidential and Will Be According to your Instructions. After that is done we will Prepare a Floor Plan based on the Patterns Selected With Us. We can Supply for Individual & Communities as well Our Prefabricated Prices Varies Based on Shapes, Weights, Size. Please note that our Steel Houses Are From China & are 100% High Quality Standards. Kindly note that it is Highly Recommended that when placing your orders with us for the Prefab Steel Houses Ensure you have your Building Contractor to Fix it after they arrives to your Country Locations. We currently do not offer installing after arrival because, we do not have International Licence to do so! Also, Customer can request in their Order to have the Prefabricated Houses comes with Bathroom Shower, Sinks, Toilet, Cupboards, Windows, Doors Upon Arrival. If you Request these Options you will be charge extra to your Order Or you have the Option to buy them Locally in your country. When buying these houses please ensure that all the details are correct with your Instructions that was given to us. We will not be held responisble for any inacurate information provided by the Customer. Our Steel Houses cannot be shipped to any P.O.B & A.F.O Addresses. We can shipped Worldwide. However, some countries have Restricted Rules & Regulations Automaically. We will not be held Responsible if your country is Restricted & you Request Our Prefab Steel Houses. Unfortunately we do not accept Cancellation on our Prefab Orders & Customers will also, need to provide us a Valid form of ID Card Phto & a Valid Photo Showing their Credit Card Last 4 Digits of the Card Matches with their Full Names on the Card. Why we Request this is because, we have very Strict Rules & Regulations that we have to Follow by USA Laws & Regulations. Which we have to ensure our Customers Abide by this is just Basic Standard Procedures Requirements. Customers will be Responisble for their Local Taxes & Duites when this Ariives to your Country.


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words it means a lot we are glad to share vital information to our customers.


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